SAP GRC Firefighter for SAP NetWeaver

SAP GRC Access Control – Decentralized Fire Fighter

Scenario: Our client is on GRC 5.3 and the Emergency Access Management was decentralized. With GRC 10.1 Emergency Access Management is made Centralized. Few clients still need the same Emergency Access Management to be accessed as decentralized way and few want Centralized EAM. SAP has made it  feasible to enable both centralized and decentralized EAM by suing the same GRC 10.1 box. So the question: Can decentralized and centralized way …

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Authorization Issues Demystified in EAM

In GRC AC 10.x, there are many issues where a simple authorization assignment will solve the issue. In this blog, I will bring your notice to few issues related to EAM which can be solved by tweaking or making some changes to authorization objects. The following issues will be covered in this blog.           The following Authorization objects are utilized for the issues mentioned below   …

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GRC EAM – Bypassing user exit via non-dialog logon?

Hi All, I’d like to share with you a scenario that we´ve identified were a FF user can bypass the user exit mechanism of GRC EAM. I´d appreciate your inputs to understand what´s the best option to eliminate this risk. Let´s say i´m a FF user, ZFFUSER for this example so I´m assigned to a role that allows me to execute /grcpi/gria_eam for a decentralized model. The role also has …

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Why the email is not triggering when the firefighter controller asks for more information?

  When the controller asks the firefighter user for more information the notification email is not triggering?   –  To solve this follow the steps is SAP Note 2024111 – Firefighter not receiving email notification on work item this note explain step by step how to create this notification.     If the controller asks for more information for the second time the notification email is not triggering ?   …

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