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The ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase now supports HANA. Now what?

Since my last blog, I’ve been looking at how the geodatabase support for HANA can be used.  One key benefit is that HANA is now one of the first geodatabase platforms to support the new Esri utility network model (NUM).  Once HANA is setup as a geodatabase, as I showed here, I can use ArcGIS tools to copy feature classes into the HANA enterprise geodatabase.  Read more about Esri support …

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Half the World Away: A Geospatial Cautionary Tale

More than just a great Oasis song… this is a special case to watch out for when using HANA Geospatial features. This will be obvious to some, but here is something not particularly well documented, and I felt it was worth sharing. So far but yet so close I’d been playing around with HANA’s Geospatial features. The challenge of the day was joining information from about 100,000 weather stations around …

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Connecting Insights for ArcGIS to HANA

In earlier blog posts, I discussed how to configure ArcGIS Desktop and Pro to connect to an SAP HANA instance.  Just this past December, Esri announced Insights for ArcGIS.  It is a web-based, data analytics workbench where you can explore spatial and non-spatial data. Insights can reference data in databases, in ArcGIS (your content, your organization’s content, Esri supplied demographics and so forth), and in spreadsheets.  The connectivity from Insights to …

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Spatial Analysis with SAP HANA Platform – Key Metrics

I’d like to share the key metrics and statistics from the course, Spatial Analysis with SAP HANA Platform at openSAP. This is the latest course that I worked on as part of the SAP HANA Core Knowledge series. This series is intended to keep you up to date with special features on the SAP HANA platform. The instructor of this course is Markus Fath from SAP HANA Product Management and …

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New, free course @openSAP: Spatial Analysis with SAP HANA Platform

Spatial data represents the geographic location and extent of objects on Earth such as buildings, lakes, mountains, townlands, and many other objects. Geospatial data is represented as 2D geometries, e.g. points, line strings, and polygons. With SAP HANA, users can store geometries in the database and execute spatial functions on these geometries. Spatial Analysis with SAP HANA Platform is a new openSAP course starting from April 25 and runs over …

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