SAP HANA remote data sync

Exchange Rate Sync using IDoc

In the source system: in my case it was ECC – D01 800 Tcode: BD64 – Distribution Model Click on Edit, Select the node and click on Add BAPI Add the Obj Name/Interface: ExchangeRate and Method: SaveReplica Go to Environment -> Change Partner Profile This takes us to tcode WE20 for partner profile maintenance For partner type LS (Logical System), choose the destination system (D09CLNT100 in this case) Add a new …

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Transaction Availability for Remote Sites/ SAP UI5 based App available to isolated work place.

Background: – I heard the term TARS few weeks back, so I started exploring what exactly TARS is. TARS is nothing but a concept, it stands for Transaction Availability for Remote Sites. As a field technician, he may not have connectivity always at his work place but still he wants to access the asset information and update some information. The TARS will help field technicians to work anytime, anywhere regardless …

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How to send data from Apache NIFI to HANA

This is a basic tutorial, for doing an insert into HANA from Apache NIFI . NIFI is a great apache web based tool, for routing and transformation of data. Kind of an ETL tool. In my scenario, I am trying to fetch tweets from the Tweeter API, and after that, I wanted to save them to hadoop, but also, filter them and save them to HANA for doing Sentiment Analysis My …

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