SAP Hybris as a Service on SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud RollOut Approach & Models

In this era of digital world, IT industry is undergoing tremendous transformation to provide client services at faster pace, competitive price with no compromise on quality. To live to the expectations of this journey, IT professionals are coming up with innovative methods and approaches in software delivery.  As the subject (IT Services) is very vast, we are limiting our discussion to Rollout models and approaches for Cloud solutions. With the …

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How to Extend SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer using Microservices and the SAP Cloud Applications Studio

The SAP Cloud Applications Studio (also known as Partner Development Infrastructure / PDI or simply Software Development Kit / SDK) is widely used by customers and partners to create customer-specific extensions for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C). Functional requirements which go beyond standard capabilities e.g. advanced UI, specific business logic, and data model enhancements etc. can be implemented using the SAP Cloud Applications Studio with embedded UI Designer tools. …

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Behind the curtain of the Revenue Cloud Demo

Four weeks before the SAP Hybris Live Digital Summit we received the following ‘simple’ request: a drill connected to the internet in 4 weeks at the Digital Summit in New York In my ‘previous’ life as Software Developer the answer would be easy: NO, too vague requirement, too short notice for a live demo in an unknown location. Now, at Hybris Labs: something connected to the internet is my daily …

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Add the Earth Observation Analysis YaaS service to HCP

The YaaS marketplace offers a lot of cool packages and services that are prebuilt and can be plugged right in to your application. YaaS also allows you to test out the service through their documentation. In the API console within the API Docs portion of the Dev Portal, you can see the documentation and test the available services in the package. With the Port of Antwerp hackathon this weekend, a …

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Join ‘Validating low-touch enablement concepts for SAP Hybris as a Service’

Are you interested in getting in touch with the SAP Hybris as a Service team which is providing the enablement concepts, materials, information etc. on Then sign-up for our CEI Project “Validating low-touch enablement concepts for SAP Hybris as a Service” until November 11th at The Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) enables you to join regular feedback activities on various SAP-related products. With the help of CEI, we from YaaS want to …

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First SAP CodeJam on SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) in Munich

On October 7th, the first official SAP CodeJam on “SAP Hybris as a Service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform” (short “YaaS”) was executed here in SAP Hybris’ home turf Munich, Germany. Thanks to @andrea.t, @martin.steinberg, @gregor.wolf, @damir.majer, @roman.becker5 and everyone else involved for suggesting YaaS as a topic for this half-day live coding event! Within the afternoon, our developer Nemanja ran the 21 participants through the full YaaS story: The participants setup a local commerce …

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