SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer integration with SAP CRM

Territory Replication from CRM to C4C: Multiple territory hierarchies in CRM

Issue: In CRM you can have multiple territory hierarchies with multiple root territories whereby in C4C only one territory hierarchy with exactly one root territory is supported. Hence if you try to replicate more than one root territory from CRM to C4C, the webservice message will fail in C4C with the error message: “No parent territory has been assigned”. Solution: Introduce a virtual root territory in CRM under which all CRM root territories …

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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer : Initial data load from CRM Onprem to C4C via PI

Hi, I want to share my experience with regards to data load from SAP CRM OnPrem to SAP C4C via SAP PI/PO. In this blog,I am putting down steps which clearly explains  on how bulking/packaging the data in both OnPremise and PI/PO can bring a better throughput for the Initial data load. This blog will explain how different package size in CRM OnPremise and PI/PO can impact the outbound traffic …

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