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How to Leverage Data for Better Sales Management?

Sales managers have a thankless job; they are expected to stretch their efforts beyond the ordinary, often with limited resources at their disposal. However, great sales managers keep on rollicking along with times, backed by their industry experience, ability to motivate their colleagues and teams, and the keen eye for opportunities. However, what most sales managers often leave on the back burner is – data. It’s the most trustworthy and …

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Digital Transformation – function, new business or solution

The other day a friend asked me an interesting question.  Is digital transformation a function, a new business model or a software solution? In trying to answer the question, I started listing some properties of “digital.”   Measuring: The first thing about digital is “measuring”. Digital allows us to move away from intuition and get into absolute numbers.  We know that going from 3 to 4 on a scale of …

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Is Your CRM Effective at Tracking Your Customer Relationships?

Most companies with a staff of salespeople now rely on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to keep track of customer information, including names, contact information, and notes about the account. But there’s a potential problem here; most platforms encourage you to reduce most of your customer relationship information to objective, definable terms, and that can be limiting when trying to understand, preserve, and improve your relationships. In reality, customer relationships …

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What You Ask And Why It Matters: Managing Customer Feedback

Many companies use social media to cull customer feedback today, but is your approach working effectively? Did you get more “likes” on your question than actual answers? If so, you’re not alone. We may not know the power of a “like,” but so many of us are out to get more of them that we overlook the information that would be much more beneficial. When you ask for feedback and …

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Email Marketing Unsubscribe Rates

Email marketing list building is a huge endeavor that requires a lot of time and attention. But for all the work that goes into building a large list, you would be remiss not to focus on reducing and eliminating unsubscribe rates that ultimately render your efforts useless. Here are a few surprisingly simple ways you can reduce unsubscribes and maximize the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns. 1. Set Expectations …

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How Your Salespeople Are Wasting Time Every Day

Your sales staff may be trying their best, but chances are, they aren’t utilizing their time as efficiently as they could be. Every wasted hour is a potential sale, or lead, that can slip away, and another chip away at your collective morale. Regardless of whether you pay your salespeople salary or commission, it’s in your best interest to keep them productive, and that means pinpointing the root causes of …

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Hola Panama! ISSA World Social Security Forum

The World Social Security Forum (WSSF) will be held in Panama City from November 14-18, hosted by the Social Insurance Fund of Panama. This global gathering of over 1000 delegates from 150+ countries representing 300+ member organisations of the International Social Security Association, will analyse the global trends shaping social security and debate the key issues and challenges facing social security. The WSSF is the largest and most important international …

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