SAP Integrated Business Planning

Are you adding value to your forecast? Leveraging FVA with SAP IBP

In today’s fast moving world of growing customer expectations, shrinking lead times, reduced profit margins and inventories, Demand Planners have a big responsibility to act as the first gatekeeper to be able to foresee changes in Demand Signals and accurately make predictions for future. The margin for error is continuously decreasing, as any errors cause a major rippling effect on downstream processes. For example, a change of forecast bias by …

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New Book about SAP IBP Functionality and Implementation

The new book about SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) by Sandy Markin and Amit Sinha is now available! Master SAP Integrated Business Planning processes and configuration and take your supply chain to the cloud! Begin with the basics, from loading data into SAP IBP to exploring the planning model. Then dive deep into key functionality and implementation steps for S&OP, demand planning, supply and response planning, inventory management, and supply …

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IBP – Ariba SCC integration (part II – Setting up Ariba SCC)

Happy Friday and a good time for writing the second blog about the integration between IBP and Ariba. I explained in the first post that we have a simple puzzle to solve, two pieces to connect and no adhesive needed in between. No code, no middleware, no complexity!  But the pieces must fit so let’s see what is needed to equip Ariba SCC for the integration with IBP. I start …

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IBP – Ariba SCC integration (part I – Setting up IBP)

Dear community members, I am starting a mini blog series to describe the integration between IBP and  Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC). The content is based on my hands-on experience and it will be structured as follows: Part I   – Setting up IBP Part II  – Setting up Ariba SCC Part III – Running the integration E2E Integration Overview The integration with Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) is facilitated by the …

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Requesting L-Code from SAP

When implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), you have a business requirement that requires L-code. L-code is only available from SAP, and your request must go through an approval process before SAP delivers the L script. L-code is not an extension mechanism and is provided by SAP until you can achieve your requirement through modeling. SAP creates and maintains custom L-code when you (the customer or implementation partner) inform us …

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IBP for Retail enterprises, it’s a viable and valuable process

I did a quick post on LinkedIn earlier in the week on application of IBP in a retail business. Subsequent conversations have suggested there is sufficient interest in the topic to capture a few more thoughts here and hopefully start a conversation. Like most conversations about applications of IBP, the ides aren’t new.  My friends at Ollie Wight did a great three part overview of Retail IBP back in 2010. …

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Integrated Business Planning for the Life Science Industry

  Integrated Business Planning for the Life Science Industry Changing business environment increases pressure on companies   Life Sciences companies need to drive real-time insight, operational excellence, and sustainable product and process innovation to secure profitable growth.           Increasing              Regulatory&                  Rising              Greater Risk              Economic Globalization            Technology               Competition                                             Volatility Changes      Growing business while satisfying patient demand is a tough challenge:   Rising costs and shrinking margins Global sourcing and continuous …

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A little ‘live’ experience with IBP Demand

Presales, my role at SAP, provides a variety of interesting customer engagements, and as I’ve shared earlier on this blog channel, in a best case outcome there is learning for us and for our customers. That’s certainly the case in a recent experience, where I led a team providing a customized demonstration of IBP Demand and Inventory using a customer provided dataset. We don’t always – or even often – do …

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SAP’s DDMRP Strategy

At the 2017 Sapphire Now Event,   SAP shared details of its DDMRP development program. SAP has been a supporter of the Demand Driven Operating Model for some time,  and we have been engaged with the Demand Driven Institute,  and with many of our customers who are also embarking on this journey.      The market evolution that we are seeing in supply chain management towards greater demand volatility,  more frequent and shorter product lifecycles,  …

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