Getting Started with SAP IQ

You’ve just successfully installed SAP IQ. What should you do next? Some useful videos can help you through the process. First, you need to create a new database. Learn how to configure your environment and then create a new database in Creating an SAP IQ Database. Once you’ve created your database, you use the startup utility (start_iq) to get it running.  The start_iq utility uses preset default values and calculated …

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SAP IQ: Documentation Now Accessible to Search Engines

For the first time in many years you can use popular search engines — such as Google and Bing — to search SAP documentation, including SAP IQ documentation. (Previously, the SAP Help Portal and Sybase InfoCenter contents were inaccessible to search engines.) Try a Google search. For example, search for information on SAP IQ’s -ec switch, and confine your search to the SAP Help Portal: The above search returns these …

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SAP IQ Documentation: Where’s the PDF?

Did you know you can download SAP IQ manuals in PDF format? For versions 16.0 SP 11 and 16.1 SP 01, a PDF icon displays on the right side of the user interface. Click the PDF icon to open the manual in PDF format. Navigate to the documentation collection you’re interested in. In this example, assume we want 16.1 SP 01. Follow this URL: Let’s assume we want to download …

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How to Search the SAP IQ Documentation

As of 07 April, 2017, the SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 documentation collection — and all subsequent documentation releases — are fully searchable! You can search across the entire documentation collection, or you can search inside a single document. This blog post will show you the basics of searching, using SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 PL07 as an example. Searching for a Term Across the Entire SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 Documentation …

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Copying data from one IQ server to another on the same platform

I’m re-posting this for future reference.  It’s not my original posting but from More details is available at:  Please refer to this for details. Scenario: a new IQ server has been created with DBSpaces different from the original and the size of the tables are manageable (can be handled by the network) Read on and see if it meets your needs.  Thanks for this we were able to move …

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Leveraging Load Balancers with SAP IQ

In an SAP IQ Multiplex grid, you have any number of nodes/machines that can handle and process user query requests.  Often, the challenge becomes how to distribute the user connections across these nodes so that the compute power is fully leveraged without creating hot spots, or hot nodes.  Historically, SAP IQ (and legacy Sybase) customers leverage network load balancers to distribute the workload.  The attached document describes the various load …

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New system stored procedure to diagnose corrupted tables and columns.

Hi all, Check db process is usually running long and affecting performance. This procedure reads every database page from disk into memory and performs various consistency checks. In check mode, sp_iqcheckdb performs an internal consistency check on all IQ indexes and checks that each database block has been allocated correctly. All available database statistics are reported. This mode reads all data pages and can detect all types of allocation problems …

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Sybase IQ 16.0: How to install SAP sybase IQ ODBC drivers on MS Windows 10

This post enumerates the steps to install SAP Sybase ODBC drivers on MS Windows 10. Environment MS Windows 10 Enterprise SAP Sybase IQ 16.0SP11 Prerequisites Extract the SAP Sybase IQ ODBC driver installer from the SAP Sybase IQ Network Client Installer Steps Execute (double click) the setup.exe file. If prompted, confirm you want to install the drivers. Click “Next” on the welcome screen of the installer. Select the folder where …

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Sybase IQ 16.0: How to extract the ODBC driver installer from the IQ Network Client Installer

In this post I describe how to extract the SAP Sybase IQ ODBC driver installer from the SAP Sybase IQ Network Client Installer. Motivation Why do I need to extract the individual SAP Sybase IQ ODBC installer anyway?I need to install the ODBC driver on a MS Windows 10 client, but compatibility issues impedes the IQ Network Client installer to execute; none of the compatibility modes available on MS Windows …

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