SAP Landscape Transformation

S/4HANA Landscape Interoperability Matrix

In this blog, I would like to provide information regarding version interoperability between S/4HANA and other SAP Products like SAP SRM, CRM etc.  Based on my experience working with SAP products for the past 12 years, the knowledge of inter-operability between SAP products and non-SAP products is crucial to design an efficient and effective target landscape.  But sometime it’s very hard to find this information in one place.  Now with …

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How to make SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 (SAP LT) work for you 101

In previous blogs, I explained that when converting your Business Suite systems onto S/4HANA, you are faced with the question How to decide between a Greenfield and Brownfield S/4HANA transition. However, there is a middle ground between those two options where you keep your good processes and migrate only good data, potentially from more than one system: For this you perform a Shell Creation for SAP ERP, convert this shell …

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Transformation Solution for De-duplication/Renaming Vendor or Customer Master Data

In today’s world where we talk about massive data in system of records as in a SAP ERP Production system, it is necessary for organizations to have clean and updated master data records especially for key object types like Vendor and Customer which are primary building blocks for most of the  transactions. A typical problem scenario which is commonly observed in our experiences in varied clients across industries is that of duplicate records for these object types …

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SLT User Based Archiving Solution Webcast

Learn how to set up SLT User Based Archiving Solution to allow archiving on a source system without impacting the data on Hana Click here for a replay of the Expert Session @ SAP Enterprise Support Academy (valid SAP ID required). This expert session is provided to you by SAP Global CoE as part of SAP MaxAttention Expert Series, in collaboration with SAP Enterprise Support Academy. What is MaxAttention Expert …

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Are millennials laughing at leaders’ digital business incompetence?

If you’re a 40-plus business leader who’s long realized your parents will never quite get the hang of computers or smartphones, consider that millennial employees might feel the same way – with business leaders as the object of amusement or exasperation. I’ll use the Canadian market as an example. Recent research by Oxford Economics and SAP revealed significant friction between leaders and employees in Canada over the digital effectiveness of …

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Release to customer: SAP LT V2 SP11 (June, 10th 2016)

With Support Package 11 – available as of June, 10th 2016, SAP LT 2.0 includes several corrections and enhancements, such as: Enhancements in the area of SAP LT ERP HCM, for example using table search, RFC management or configuration of WHERE-Clause Performance improvements for Analyses, namely for ECC Business Application & CC Object Analysis Corrections mainly in the area of Company Code Deletion, Customer & Vendor conversion, Fiscal Year Analysis, …

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LT100 classroom trainings scheduled for 2016

Classroom Training for the SAP product “SAP Landscape Transformation” – LT100 Transform productive SAP installations is an important aspect of the area “System Landscape Optimization” (SLO) SAP has developed a product called “SAP Landscape Transformation” to address this need. The software offers capabilities in the areas “Unify and Transform Data” (such as e.g. a chart of accounts conversion or fiscal year conversion), “Leverage Sell, Buy, and Restructure” (such as e.g. …

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