SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

Nov 8 – Are you ready for the new IASB/FASB regulations to bring Equipment Leases on to the Balance Sheet?

By January 2019, all public companies managing leases will be required to significantly change their accounting processes and systems to meet the new mandatory lease accounting standards. While the new standards bring much needed transparency for investors, what does it mean for companies? How will it impact financial operations and financial systems? And how will you capture the information required to produce parallel reports starting in 2017?   Join SAP …

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Are you compliant with new regulations for leases – IFRS 16 & ASC 842?

Most companies have leases for equipment and real estate assets in some part of their operations or business activities. Currently, operating leases (lessee) for equipment and real estate are reported in the balance sheet and are disclosed in the notes to the financial statements. Today’s current lease accounting regulations have been stable for decades, but that is about to change. Organizations worldwide will need to start complying with new regulations …

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