SAP LoadRunner by Micro Focus

Best Practice: Scripting FIORI Dashboard with HP LoadRunner

Introduction SAP FIORI is the new standard UI for all SAP applications. Its central management capability is the FIORI Dashboard. The scripting of the SAP FIORI Dashboard is the new challenge for performance testing with HP LoadRunner because of two reasons. The first reason is that a lot of user activities in the web browser are not relevant for the typical http(s) scripting because it is Javascript. Therefore, these actions …

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SAP Loadrunner by HPE 12.53 – Community Edition

Hello, HPE has launched it latest version of SAP Loadrunner 12.53 , it comes with several options where one can choose specifically to suit their need OR one can download the Community Edition shown below to download all of the Loadrunner components (Vugen,Controller,Analysis,Agent)     After successful installation you can see all these components         Prerequisites Contents of other selections ( Standalone applications) Contents of other selections …

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Creating Rendezvous Points in LR – SAP Loadrunner by HPE

Hello, I shall walk you through the concept behind Rendezvous points in Loadrunner Using what is defined in LR : When performing load testing, one needs to emulate heavy user load on your system. To accomplish this, one can synchronize Vusers to perform a task at exactly the same moment. One can configure multiple Vusers to act simultaneously by creating a rendezvous point. When a Vuser arrives at the rendezvous …

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String Tokenizer – SAP Loadrunner by HPE – SAP GUI

String Tokenizer in HPE LR using C Hello, In LR Vugen while developing SAP GUI scripts or to automate functionality one often encounters with challenges like picking up/filtering specific data For this we have a concept of Tokenizer where we develop a piece of code to fragment or break the long text into segments which is to be used in the script Examples shown here walks you through how to …

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LoadRunner 12.02 Patch 3

LoadRunner 12.02 Patch 3 has been released.   LoadRunner 12.02 Patch 3 provides support for TruClient – Native Mobile protocol in HPE Mobile Center version 1.10. For full details, check out the Mobile Center Help.   The patch also provides various fixes, including cache emulation for TruClient with IE 10/11 – for details, see TruClient Browser for IE in the TruClient Help Center.   This patch can be installed over …

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Diagnostics 9.26 IP1

HP Diagnostics 9.26 IP1 is now available. This latest release includes: Nested Server Requests in the Java Agent .NET Agent Instrumented Location Throughput Throttling, .NET Agent support for Web API, Improved OnDemand Call Profiles. The HP Diagnostics 9.26 IP1 release consists of a number of separate components as follows: Component Name ID Diagnostics Collector 9.26 IP1 for Linux64 DIAGCOL_00073 Diagnostics Collector 9.26 IP1 for Windows DIAGCOL_00074 Diagnostics Server 9.26 IP1 …

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LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3

LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 has been released. LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 contains various enhancements, and provides support for TruClient – Native Mobile protocol in HPE Mobile Center version 1.51. The main changes in this version are: Support for Mobile Center 1.51 LoadRunner/TruClient enhancements and fixes Please see SAP Note 1797222 for patch download information. LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 is also available to download directly from HP if you have access; …

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Troubleshooting tips for Loadrunner

This is the kind of information we also require if you need to open a XX-PART-HPS-LOR Support Message with SAP   –  Check the Loadrunner version and if there are any patches installed on it ? What is the operating system and service pack level ?   –  Are you able to reproduce the issue when logged on as an Administrator ?   –  Is there any antivirus software installed …

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