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Is It A Term? “It’s Complicated”

Where do we stop? When is a term not a term, or at least not a term we’re interested in documenting ourselves? We often argue, for efficiency’s sake, that we must include terms that may seem “obvious” or “self-explanatory” in our source languages, but they cause ferocious problems in other languages without a standardized equivalent. Therefore, concepts with specialist meanings attached to them in an SAP context are considered terms …

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Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty Terms

The top terminology management priorities described in my previous posting should be no-brainers: Terms need to support the safety and security of the company and its customers, to promote business continuity, and to recognize brands as the most visible aspect of corporate language. Now let’s start using our brains (“No, not that … not without coffee!”) and start drawing the wavy line between term and “non-term”. Below the branding level …

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The SAP Terminology Community Blog Returns – Back To Basics

After a long absence we’re back on the new platform. A new start is a good time to review the doctrines underlying our terminology management. For example, one of the questions we deal with constantly is, “What is a term?” or, sometimes more specifically, “What is an SAP-relevant term?” The top priority has to be terms related to safety. Use of the wrong terms could put customers or employees at …

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How to consume SAP Localization Hub – Tax in Yaas (Commerce as a Service)

Prerequisites: Development Environment   You need the following development environment to consume SAP Localization Hub – Tax within Commerce as a Service 1. Access to the following: hybris market place Hybris GITHUB 2. An developer account in or, where you want to deploy the storefront application consuming SAP Localization Hub – Tax.   3. HCP development tools to create HTML application. You install these your …

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