SAP Mobile Secure, cloud edition

The ‘go fast’ option is here! At least in Mobile Place.

Faster app download speeds now available in Mobile Place. SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for app and device management customers may notice that app downloads from Mobile Place to user’s devices are faster. This is because a new feature in the Mobile Place app catalog that uses a content delivery network (CDN) for app downloads. A CDN caches content (app downloads in the case of Mobile Place) in regional network …

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Easier than ever to rollout Android

According to TechCrunch, Android has an 86% of the worldwide smartphone marketshare. But why do so few enterprise deployments reflect that ratio? What I hear when talking to customers is that customers tend to select either iOS OR Android. There are exceptions, but I personally see stronger iOS adoption for line of business applications and BYOD use cases in the US, Canada and a couple other regions. I see stronger …

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Product improvement ideas: SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile service for app and device management

I have been a product manager for over 12 years. One of the reasons I like being a product manager is that I enjoy collaborating with customers, partners, architects and developers on new features. I also have the privilege of driving, cajoling and herding development projects along to ultimate product release, when I get to see customers benefit from features that make their business run better. Since development resources (unfortunately) …

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Highlights of the Mobile Secure January 2017 release

A couple weeks ago, a new set of functionality was added to SAP HCP mobile service for app and device management, also known by its previous and shorter name, “mobile secure”. I want to describe a few of the new features mainly because they come up in meetings with customers.   Users on iOS DEP devices can discover and install apps from Mobile Place Users can now log in to …

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Introducing the Feature Scope Description for the SAP HCP, mobile service for app and device management

With the September release of the SAP Cloud Platform, mobile service for app and device management, we have published the first version of a Feature Scope Description for the mobile service. This document lists which features, capabilities, and documentation are available with the service. It provides a high-level summary of the important features as well as a more-detailed list of features organized by functional area. You can find the Feature Scope Description on the Mobile …

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Secure your mobile-openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 6

Hello Administrators,   Dhimant Patel started Week 6 openSAP course Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform with introduction on   How SAP Mobile secure as an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution can help you in network connectivity, Mobile Device Management (MDM), data and Mobile Application management (MAM) Android for work Reporting with SAP Lumira Adding different apps to app catalogs : Commercial app stores (Apple App store, Google …

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