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Search corrections CW36/2017

Hello Everyone, During the registration of a software component (SWC) for the program-based transport, a check takes place to determine whether programs of the SWC to be registered are already locked/ contained in a transport request. If this is the case, the system issues a relevant message. However, further popups are displayed and a full generation is possible, which is incorrect. Refer to note 2530371 – SNOTE: Full generation of …

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Many corrections included PLM application CW33/2017

Hello Everyone, So over the summer, ESH developers have released many corrections for different topics: Indexing process : 2511477 – Program termination in class CL_ESH_IF_GENERIC_DB_ITERATOR 2517736 – Follow-on correction for SAP Note 2511477 – Task list SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY and SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_CLIENT_COPY : 2510000 – Task lists SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY and SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_CLIENT_COPY: Join index missing from client 2395332 – Task list SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY: Unknown attribute LONGTEXT 2515854 – Task list: Activation of ‘/sap/opu/odata/sap/esh_search_srv’ unsuccessful: Node does …

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CDS connectors and others CW29/2017

Hello Everyone, As explained previously, ABAP CDS-based search models will be released on NW 7.52 or NW 7.69 using  HANA 2.0 SPS01 and it will replace the classical models. If you want to use Embedded Search that provides and uses ABAP CDS-based search models, execute the following configuration steps instead of the default configuration steps: There already are some corrections available : 2499000 – CDS: Consistency check for inactive connectors 2501245 – CDS: …

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Corrections for release 7.51 and improvement in supportability CW25/2017

Hello Everyone, We have many mixed corrections which are ONLY valid for 751 release this week : 2492411 – Merging of query parts from search and authorization – This note is an improvement of search performance of Enterprise Search on SAP HANA 2490982 – Transport request via user parameter for ranking cockpit in 751 – It provides transport requests for ranking cockpit 2490199 – ES Configured Ranking: Problems creating a Ranking …

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SAP Enterprise Search in SAP Fiori CW23/2017

Hello Everyone, Two main notes have been updated this week for release 7.50 and 7.51 : 2222130 – Release notes for SAP Enterprise Search 7.50 in SAP Fiori 2358053 – Release Information for SAP Enterprise Search 7.51 for SAP Fiori The search suggestion is not working in SAP Fiori Launchpad and to correct it, you can refer to KBA 2485945 – Search suggestion or search type-ahead feature in Fiori Launchpad not working – FLP …

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Search term and system copy corrections CW22/2017

Hello Everyone, After a system copy, table ESH_ADM_RFC_CONN has some duplicate entries in connection data which causes the following error message occurs : “Could not instantiate data access proxy for logical system <system>” Development support has released note 2470584 – Cockpit: Could not instantiate data access proxy for logical system <…> to correct it which also includes manual steps. They also have corrected an error in the search behaviour based on TREX server. …

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Software Component Import and missing SWCs CW20/2017

Hello Everyone, We have one import note that was released recently about SWC Import or issues regarding missing SWCs in target clients. This is the latest note 2475128 – ES Fetch model data from client 000 which also includes some correction instructions. I would like to add two correctives notes which are also part of this SWC import process : 2449357 – SNOTE: Search model name not updated in target system …

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CDS-based search connectors CW19/2017

Hello Everyone, Starting from SAP_BASIS release 7.50, SAP Enterprise Search can handle CDS-configuration. Development support has created two main notes about the CDS based search connectors : 2399860 – ES: Behavior of CDS-based search connectors 2407921 – ES: Annotations for CDS-based search connectors The task lists SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY and SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_CLIENT_COPY are ended with error “Search object connectors are older than this adjustment feature”. It was supposed to be fixed with SAP note 2362038 – …

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Remote search landscape CW16/2017

Hello Everyone, In case of remote search (search via additional back-end systems) is set up, we have some available corrections valid for release 751 : 2455779 – Search errors for remote search: table or view . does not exist 2451946 – Error in search on ESH_CONNECTOR: Response attributes of model contain a 1:N 2456691 – Term mapping table of remote back-end system is sought in wrong schema Then we have …

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