SAP Plant Connectivity


PCo: PCo is known as Plant Connectivity. This tool is used to connect different plant applications. SAP MII has a dedicated PCo connector  to communicate with PCo. In this document we will cover Save file Read file OPC connection PCo Panels: Save file via PCo: Steps: Create a folder to save file   Create a source system to save file the folder Create an agent using the source system Enable …

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Business cases for SAP PCo Key-Value Pair Buffer

Hello Community,   I write this Blog to discuss possible business cases for the new Key-Value Pair Buffer functionality in SAP PCo. Some of them have been described in application help “ A production line has a transport system of carriers. Each carrier has a unique ID. There might be a product on each carrier that corresponds to an SFC in the SAP Manufacturing Execution system. You want the assignment of carrier …

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