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Work smarter with PowerDesigner – use a Dependency Matrix to assign Domains to Attributes

PowerDesigner’s dependency matrices are really powerful, and I don’t ever remember seeing anything similar in a data modelling tool. They allow me to visualise and even edit links between objects. In a Conceptual, Logical, or Physical Data Model, or in a UML Object Model, Domains are a useful object, allowing you to manage the ways in which your data is represented. Take this simple data model, for instance. I’ve reached …

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Work smarter with PowerDesigner – adding a sub-Requirements tab in the RQM

The PowerDesigner Requirements Model (RQM) is a powerful tool for managing requirements, or anything else you want to keep track of that has a hierarchical structure but doesn’t fit well with any of the other PowerDesigner Models. For example, take a look at a sample RQM supplied by SAP, in the WebLibrary project, which is usually installed at “C:Program FilesSAPPowerDesigner 16ExamplesWebLibraryWebLibrary.prj”. Here we can see a simple hierarchy of Requirements …

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Data Lineage – interested in integrating PowerDesigner with Solidatus?

PowerDesigner provides comprehensive support for data lineage via the mapping editor and the Data Modement model, but I’m sure SAP will agree that it isn’t the most intuitive data lineage solution on the market. There are several companies I know of that provide comprehensive visualisation and interrogating of data lineage, with the ability to link the metadata they extract from your applications and databases with metadata held in modelling tools. …

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PD 16.5 SP05 PL07 is now available!

Hello PD community, The latest update to 16.5 SP05 is now available in PL07!   It contains updates to the Desktop and Proxy.   If you are using the Proxy Server, you must upgrade both Proxy and Client to make the connection to the repository work correctly. You can find the files on the SAP Software Download site under Support Packages and Patches. As always, there is a 32bit and 64bit version.  …

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Example on using Powerdesigner Transformation

Recently I got a question from several clients. The question is how to pass extended attribute value when convert from, for example, LDM to PDM. In this post, I’ll demonstrate using Powerdesigner transformation to fulfil the goal. The model project.ldm (contains the extension) and pdm extension are attached at end of the article. To use the files, download and unzip them. remove .txt . I am on powerdesigner 16.5.5. In …

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Simplify Migration to the SAP HANA Platform with SAP PowerDesigner

Unlock the transformational power of the SAP HANA® platform To simplify and accelerate adoption of the SAP HANA platform, SAP® PowerDesigner® software documents your systems, information, and processes to rearchitect them in a way everyone can understand and act on. Excerpt from the Solution Brief — “Simplify Migration to the SAP HANA platform with SAP PowerDesigner – Create a dynamic blueprint for your business SAP PowerDesigner is an enterprise …

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16.6 SP00 PL02 is now available!

Just a quick announcement that the newest update to PD 16.6 is now available to download.   If you are using 16.6 it is recommended to apply this update.   Downloads are available from your SAP Launchpad at  Click on the Download box and follow the menu to SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 (Support Packages and Patches).   You can then select from 32 or 64bit depending on your existing setup. The Download File …

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PowerDesigner 16.5 SP05 PL06 is now available!

The latest update to PD 16.5 SP05 is now available to download!  If you’re currently using a version of 16.5 SP05, please download and apply this update for the latest and greatest innovations, fixes, and updates from the PD team. As usual, it’s available from SAP Support Portal.  Make sure to select 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the version of 16.5 SP05 you currently have.   This download contains 3 files, …

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A tiny tool for Powerdesigner client to save search result

A client wants to search for certain objects in a large repository and save the result into Excel. Unfortunately Powerdesigner client doesn’t provide functionality to save the output. Powerdesigner Portal 16.6 does have the feature. But the performance and output format is not very satisfactory . I build a tiny tool in C# to fill the gap. Attached is the exe file. ( Remove .txt after unzip) This is the …

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