SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, cloud edition

Predictive Maintenance and Service Meets Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology

How SAP uses state of the art technology to optimize maintenance and improve business outcomes. SAP’s suite of applications for connected assets has a new dimension with augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology. The solutions are impressive as is SAP’s commitment to helping customers jump-start and accelerate their solutions. Co-innovation labs are available to customers, partners and startups in predictive maintenance, augmented reality, wearable technology, and IoT. Solutions are in …

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Not only predict accurately, but also react agilely

In an increasingly interconnected world, the IoT enables us to interact barrier free with devices – and devices to interact with one another. SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution can help your organization maintain full visibility into current asset health and predict future needs by monitoring and analyzing Big Data with in-memory computing on the SAP HANA® platform. For example, you can use the SAP solution to: • Enrich asset …

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Customers Can Now Take a Free Test Drive of the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service Solution

SAP is enabling customers to test drive the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service Solution Cloud Edition with a free 30 day trial account.  If your aftermarket service business is evaluating how it will leverage the Internet-of-Things to grow service revenue, I would encourage you to see for yourself what this solution can do to bring insight to your service technicians and service managers.  To register for the free trial account, …

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