SAP Process Orchestration

IDOC_AAE Sender Adapter in SAP PO

Overview: A business scenario in which IDoc is to be sent from SAP-ECC to Non-SAP System via SAP-PO (SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 Single Stack). Here, in this blog, we focus on how IDoc is been transferred from SAP-ECC to SAP-PO. In SAP-PO, IDoc-xml is to be transformed to a specific message format of Non-SAP System using Graphical Map and transformed message will be sent to Non-SAP System using SOAP Receiver Adapter communication …

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Results of the global Survey for SAP Integration 2017

As the previous years, the International Focus Group for Integration (IFG for Integration) performed its annual survey for SAP Process Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration and topics around SAP integration. The survey was scheduled from May till September 2017. The survey contained 35 questions. Apart from our every year’s questions the focus topic for 2017 was IoT and cloud integration. Different to the years before, the survey was published in …

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ABAP Server Proxy on S/4 HANA and PO 7.5

Hello Folks I have written part I of this blog series for synchronous server proxy which sends Purchase Order data from a SOAP webservice call to ABAP in HANA system using Process Orchestration version 7.5 as a middleware. The following objects were created in order: 1 In Process Orchestration ESR 1.1 Data Type : DT_PO_In ( from the sender system) 1.2 Data Type : DT_PO_Out (into the target system ) …

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SAP PI/PO & your 0 issues philosophy (yes is possible): Here just your own Analytics / BI via HANA OLAP / Lumira / Java / Excel or other technology that you decide

Dears, I will share a complete solution with the objective to achive the logic that will alow you to make corrective decisions for your solutions implemented or to monitor for preventive symptoms for current interfaces… After we can agree that a lot of companies suffer in their integration processes and don’t know the main reason, but this article will not cover that point here; because i just will share a …

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How to resolve issue if PI ESR and Integration Builder not opening from browser

Hi All, Having PO 7.5 with SP6. Java version 1.8.0_151 64bit C:Users ikunj_thaker>java -version java version “1.8.0_151” Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_151-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.151-b12, mixed mode) ESR and Integration builder is not opening from Web Browser after click on respective link java initiated but post some time it dies and no response I followed step mention in trailing but issue not resolved. My …

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SAP Teched Barcelona for integration

I normally share what sessions are interesting from an integration perspective. I have done it again this year. Yesterday at my SAP Integration QA I shared my list of the sessions to attend. You can see the video below Or see the list below Session ID   Title Session Type Time Room CPL801 Road Map for SAP API Management and SAP API Business Hub Road Map Session (30min) 11:00 – …

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SAP PI/PO Directory API: Extract detailed Communication Channel configurations into an Excel sheet **without custom codes/macros**

How many times have you wished that you could have a searchable and a sort-able data for all your PI/PO Communication Channels? So, you could answer certain burning questions like How many JMS channels are using KeepAlive parameter? List all channels which are using a service user to connect. List JMS channels which are using header JMS properties. List Sender File channels with file polling interval greater than 60 secs. …

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DevOps for SAP PI/PO developers

DevOps is nothing new but is it in the SAP community. Over the last couple of month, I have been introduced to the concepts of DevOps from different sides. According to Wikipedia DevOps was enters in 2008 around the Agile Infrastructure. To make it easier for the developer to move from code to release and to monitor. The developers of my test tool are using it to some extent. We …

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Boost the SAP PI/PO system performance by better design & optimize transformation method

Intro: – As we all know sap process orchestration (PO) system is used to integrate different SAP and legacy systems. Sometime source system can’t able to capture transaction changes and situation becomes more complex if the receiver system can’t agree to determine the action and key field to process the data and provide another lookup service to determine the action and key value. Recently, I’ve also worked on similar kind …

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