SAP Product Stewardship Network

Pricing and Features

SAP Product Stewardship Network is a business network that enables companies and their supply chains to exchange sustainability data efficiently. Three different Editions of an annual subscription are available: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. TSC® Product Sustainability Toolkit Licenses enable you to understand and enhance the sustainability of your products and supply chain on SAP Product Stewardship Network.  A Toolkit license is sold as an annual subscription per product category (e.g. …

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FAQs – TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits

About The Sustainability Consortium (TSC®) What is The Sustainability Consortium® or TSC? When was The Sustainability Consortium formed? Is The Sustainability Consortium a US organization and why? How is The Sustainability Consortium governed? Where does The Sustainability Consortium get its funds? How does The Sustainability Consortium ensure that conflicts of interest are managed? What is The Sustainability Consortium’s relationship to Walmart? How do I become a member of The Sustainability …

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Update of REACH SVHC Candidate List & Additional ROHS Exemptions

Update of REACH SVHC Candidate List The Candidate List of EU REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) has been updated. With the addition of 54 new SVHCs, the Candidate List now contains a total of 138 substances. The new list has now been uploaded to SAP Product Stewardship Network. As a result the status of all product declarations created or published on the network has changed to Review Needed. …

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