SAP Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk – You can’t have Vanilla

Vanilla is the default choice when choosing ice cream. But Vanilla itself is a critical ingredient, and standard simplistic supplier management may not be enough for your business. Madagascar produces 80 percent of the world’s vanilla. it’s the second-most expensive spice in the world, after saffron. It takes three to four years for just the vine to grow. Once they’re mature enough, the vanilla orchids bloom. The flowers open only …

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Implementing Data Protection Impact Assessments with SAP GRC Risk Management

  An Overview of the Main Features of SAP GRC Supporting Privacy Impact Assessments Authors: Anderson Santana de Oliveira, Senior Researcher, SAP Product Security Research Pollen Pei, Product Owner, SAP GRC Risk Management   1        Introduction Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is used to assess potential harm to individuals as well as the risks to carrying out processes. There are strong requirements about the need to measure the impact of …

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Ways to create Risk in Risk Management-GRCV10.0

Dear all,   This document gives an overview to create different ways to create risk in Risk Management   We can create risk in risk management in two different ways   Risks and Opportunities Activities   Risks and Opportunities     Click on Risk and Opportunities to create risk     Refer my previous blog on how to create risk Creation of Risk in Risk Management GRC V10.0   Click …

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Key Risk Indicators in Risk-Risk Management GRCV10.0

Dear All,   With continuous to how to create a risk in risk management Creation of Risk in Risk Management GRC V10.0   This document will gives you how to create/use key risk indicators tab in Risk     We can create two types of KRI Standard KRI Instance Manuel KRI Instance       Click in create standard KRI instance It will ask for KRI instance Name and KRI …

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Creation of Risk in Risk Management GRC V10.0

Dear all,   The overview of this document is creation of risk in risk management with basics. Hope it is helpful for others.   The prerequisites to create a risk we need to create required organization units and relevant risk categories The organization units and Risk categories as created in master data work center     Risk can be created in Assessment work center. Click on Risk and Opportunities   …

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SAP Risk Management – Useful Documents, Blogs, Resources, etc.

This document is a collection of the most useful SAP GRC Risk Management documents, blogs, resources, links, etc. here in SCN.   Overview Getting Started with SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions (GRC) GRC Risk Management and Process Control 10.0 Content Starter Kits Overview of SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management 10.0     General opinion and thought-leadership Are you ready to implement GRC 10? Using RiskBusiness Content with GRC Risk Management …

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