SAP Strategy Management

A short introduction to Strategic Management

1.What is strategy A company’s strategy consists of a set of competitive moves and business approaches that management is employing to run the company.Strategy can thus be called as the management’s game plan to achieve the following : Attract and please customers Stake out a market position. Conduct operations Compete successfully Achieve organizational objectives Thus a strategy can be defined as an action plan for deploying resources to achieve a …

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Modify frequency of KPI from code (PAS Admin)

Applies to Sap Strategy Management 10.0 and 7.5                    To modify the frequency of a KPI from code (after creation) is done by typing the command: SET VARIABLE variables periodicity list Example: you wanted to change to semester a list of KPIs that were created in cube builder quarterly, for that the following is typed: SET VARIABLE KPI1_ACT, KPI1_TAR, KPI2_ACT, KPI2_TAR semiannual The possible recurrence options:

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‘Cascading’ in SSM

Overview Cascading is a helpful functionality if multiple scorecards under a context hierarchy have similar definition. Here are the main related features: * Compare scorecard items with different names in Scorecard Comparison. In SSM 7.5, only if a scorecard item exists in multiple contexts with the exact same name, this item could link multiple contexts and appear in the same line of the Scorecard Comparison view. In SSM 10 and …

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How to restrict the access of a web application user to particular dimension members

Here is an example created in the sample database “pwsample” regarding how to use “INDEX USER-CASE-ENDINDEX” statement to restrict web application users’ access to particular dimension members so different users could have a different view when accessing the same scorecard (For example, User1 takes charge of all the stores of Boston and this user should not have the access to the data of stores in Miami.) 1. Create two PAS …

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Check points for SSM upgrade issues – within 10.0 series or within 10.1 series

Here I am sharing some tips regarding the trouble shooting of upgrading issues (within 10.0 series or within 10.1 series). End users may face the following issues after SAP Strategy Management (SSM) upgraded to a higher service package within 10.0 series or 10.1 series. Users could not access SSM End Users Interface. For SSM 10.0, if users could not access the End User interface after upgrading, check if Chapter 3.5 …

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Guide for schedule procedure on Pas Admin

Hope this simple guide will help when you want Schedule pas admin load procedures. Guide to schedule loadingprocesses within PAS Administrator You must create a dedicated user to run the implementation timetable proceedings (this is the recommendation of the official manual of SAP), the user musthave administrator permissions (securitylevel = supervisor)                   For procedures run automaticallyloads the current period onlyto upload data …

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SAP SM Introduction & Comparison to BW/BO

SAP Strategy Management An Introduction 2/12/2014 This document highlights important features of SSM and its use and application in various business scenarios. It also talks about Balanced Score Card and how it can be implemented using SSM   What is SAP Strategy Management? It is a solution that aligns the strategy with our goals, initiatives and operational indicators, providing communication between all Intervenient.  It helps you communicate plans and objectives, …

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Problem and solution with drills in scorecard

A while ago, i wrote a blog post where i detailed a issue found in SSM10 and the solution found to it and i thought it would be convenient to post it in a document, so here it is, hope is helpfull for somebody facing this problem: I recently came across a problem on a project, in which when the option “drill” is selected, the tool does not work right …

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Estimating or sizing Hardware for Sap Strategy Management 10

I have used the SAP sizing guide in order to do a sizing for some SAP SSM10 implementations.  I hope you can used it too  , in my experience gives results very near to reality of a solution for an implementation. Basically, you have to consider 3 primary issues: 1. Number and type of concurrent users 2. Number of cubes 3. Volume of cubes Next an example of one of …

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