SAP Streaming Analytics

Connecting IoT Services to Streaming Analytics in SAP Cloud Platform

The most popular use cases for SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics (which is the cloud version of SAP HANA smart data streaming) are around the Internet of Things.  Therefore, many use cases will want to use Streaming Analytics in conjunction with the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service. These two services are complimentary: The IoT service provides a gateway for receiving data from smart devices, and can either store …

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Connecting to SDS in HCP: quick reference

To connect to SAP HANA Cloud Platform Smart Data Streaming (SDS),  you connect through one of the two SDS web servers:  either the Web Service Provider (WSP) or the Streaming Web Service (SWS). Both provide REST and WebSocket interfaces for connecting to SDS projects, and the WSP also provides REST calls for project lifecycle management.  The SWS interface is higher performance, however, for publishing and subscribing. The APIs for WSP and SWS in HCP are …

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What HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Can Offer?

HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is gaining more popularity in recent times as it is a hassle free way to run ERP services in the cloud without having to maintain following on premise and by just paying a subscription fee for the high availability system. Server Maintenance Hosting Costs Version Upgrades Service Pack Upgrades Memory Upgrades To understand HCP offerings I attended a SAP HCP technology drive. In this blog will …

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