SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central integration to SAP Business Suite

HR Business Process and Integration

  My attempt in the blog is to highlight how organizations always benefit when the data integration process undergoes a participative, agile approach. When everyone is involved in the process, they are invested in its success and can take pride in its developments. So regardless of which technology is being made use of, processes and data required for business processes will always be key for any successful HR implementations, and …

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How to Ensure Success of Your SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

In launching a SAP SuccessFactors Solutions implementation or migration, organizations need a way to improve user experience and adoption, along with a reliable way to reduce risk. So how do you decide what actually matters the most during an implementation or migration to ensure success? How do you ensure that the new UX is more intuitive? How do you measure improvements in process efficiencies? And how do you measure adoption …

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Enabling the Country Specific Payroll Tax Form Integration in SuccessFactors Employee Central (i.e, Canada T4, US W-2, India Form -16)

This blog is co-authored by Gobinder Sandhu  ( and Jai Korpal (   Country specific Year-End tax form generation for eligible employee is a legal payroll requirement.  SAP on-premise as well as EC payroll system provides this standard functionality for numerous countries.  SAP has provided standard WebDynpro / UI5 services to make the tax form available online. (through Employee Self Services using HR Renewal application component –  However, if the …

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SuccessFactors Time off configuration decisions

Sometimes it is not easy to decide how to create different time off accounts because of different logic for countries and customer specific requirements. This guide should help you to understand and present to the customer relevant information to do the right decisions. Let’s start with some basics of Time off.   Time off can cover three different types of absence: Long term leave – e.g. maternity/parental leave Short term …

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Workflows on employee edited portlets (education, project experience, languages etc.)

Do you have data editable by employees and you need to track the changes and have specific rules for them? This example is about external work experience (education, mobility etc.). From the technical perspective they are called background elements and only as background elements they can be used in Succession talent search. These fields can be editable by employees but as the background element you cannot track changes by the …

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Employee central: Automatic User ID generation

When implementing Employee Central you can see some tough questions and it is good to prepare some answers. One of them is automatic generation of UserID. This UserID is used in whole system and all employee data are relevant to this ID. In data model it is called person-id-external and it is used for employee data import and many more. The typical question is how to populate the UserID automatically …

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