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How To Use SuccessFactors To Build A More Healthy Work Culture

Some of the most inspirational companies suffer from notoriously unhealthy work or company cultures. The most famous one in recent times is Tesla. I’m not just being negative either, the CEO Elon Musk has said himself that they’re a “money losing company” and reports usually show that factory workers feel stressed out or painful. SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HR management platform that aims to resolve or improve that. It is …

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How To Use SuccessFactors To Build A More Creative Workforce

Companies love saying the term ‘creative culture.’ It’s an odd buzzword that now appears on almost every “About” or “Team” page known to the web, making its original meaning virtually worthless. However, when used as an actual term to bring on creative employees (writers, designers, illustrators, etc.), they can be one of the best teams you can have. However, hiring these folks correctly is no easy task.   Whether it’s …

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How SuccessFactors Can Help With Company Protection

Protecting your business is tough. It’s like a leaky boat…when one hole gets plugged, somehow it seems as though there’s another to take its place. This can be incredibly expensive to keep up with, and for some, might mean they have to shut their doors for good. However, that’s why looking into using SAP SuccessFactors can help lead you sailing free and clear.   With SuccessFactors, you’ll be able to …

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