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ONB2018 and Additional Q4 2017 Release Information

There has been quite a bit of rumors surrounding Onboarding, more recently SAP has finally answered with very exciting news regarding Onboarding. Now before you get worried, they are not scrapping the old Onboarding solution but rather revamping Onboarding with significant enhancements. This builds off Onboarding’s current solution, but increases simplification and functionality for Consultants, Corporate Representatives and New Hires. ONB2018 will move the Onboarding solution on to the same …

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A fresh approach to onboarding: Get to know what this means for our strategic customers and how we can support them in this transformation

Onboarding is one of the most exciting experiences for nearly every employee. Just think about your own professional life! How nervous have you been thinking about your first day at a new company or in a new job role? Did somebody care about you from day one? Did you know where to go and what was expected of you? How long did it take to really be a part of …

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Why I’m an SAP Volunteer Ambassador

Did you know that 67% of teen moms live below the poverty line, that only half will graduate from high school, and less than 1% will ever earn a college degree? This sobering reality is the reason Hope House offers free self-sufficiency programs to at-risk teen moms and their children from all over the Denver-metro area.   I, too, was a teen mom, which is why these astounding statistics are …

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How to Map RCM job code entity (JCE) ‘picklist’ fields with Onboarding

During a recent Onboarding implementation project, it was discovered that there is a limitation with mapping Job Code Entity (JCE) picklist fields from Recruiting with a HCM Picklist field in Onboarding.  Unless the field type in ONB is a String, the Setup Onboarding Integration tool doesn’t allow JCE field to be mapped to a HCM picklist field from ONB. This is most likely due to JCE fields (ie..FLSA Status) on the …

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Syncing your Onboarding Corporate Structure & Integrating with Position Management

Today, Position Management integrates to Recruiting Management through Requisitions however only field values captured on the Requisition can be mapped to Onboarding. Wouldn’t it be nice if all we needed to map from REC to ONB was the Position ID and all other field values would default? This includes values on the requisition and values not on the requisition but on the Position MDF. Like in my previous blogs, Syncing your …

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Syncing your Onboarding Corporate Structure & Relationships Using the Integration Center – Part Two

Recently, I’ve had several questions about syncing your corporate structure relationships.  When I saw the Import Relations xslt file in Super Admin, I had the same question. Like I said in my previous post, I have been the one to maintain the onboarding structure before, so I am always looking for a way to improve a user’s experience and decrease the level of maintenance required to support the module. The …

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Onboarding: Set the stage for a stellar career

Organisations are constantly competing for talent, for experience, skills and knowledge that new hires can add to their workforce. The companies that do this faster and more effectively can gain a significant competitive advantage. According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends 2016 report; 33% of talent leaders see employee retention as a top priority. Considering that two thirds of new hires fail to complete their first performance milestone, and that companies …

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