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Keep Calm and “Label” On!

In release 1708 (Q3 2017) SAP SuccessFactors delivered a GAME CHANGER to the performance potential calibration grids (AKA Talent Reviews, 9 box placements, performance potential assessments). The ability to add a description to each “box” or assessment name within the calibration session was added. Throughout my years (8) of supporting the tool from the front end as a client, to my recent switch to a consultant (2 years +) this …

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Mentoring program – Overview and its new features: SAP JAM integration (Q2 2017 release) and intelligent mentor matching algorithm

Introduction Mentoring is one of the valuable development opportunities that a company can offer to the employee. Mentoring programs can be difficult to manage and tend to require a lot of administrative work. Mentoring features of Succession and Development supports the creation and administration of mentoring program, with automated recommendations and matching Why is it important? Most organization have mentoring programs but doesn’t have an integrated way to administer them. …

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Just desserts: 4 ways to stay engaged later in your career

When the time comes for everyone to write their development plans, it’s usually the most experienced workers who challenge me on why they need one. I get it. How can an HR person two, three, even four decades your junior have the knowhow to nurture your development? What can they teach you that you don’t already know? It probably feels like I’m interrupting your meal just to say you’re eating it …

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