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How Your Choice in Software Could Reduce Workplace Stress

You know your business’s software choices affect your budget, your productivity, and sometimes even the range of what you can accomplish, but you may not know it can also affect your employees’ levels of stress. Though not an often considered variable, it could be an important factor—and metric—to dictate your eventual success. Why Does It Matter? Functionality and price may still be your primary concerns, but if you can reduce …

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Why Is It Important to Distinguish Between Project Portfolio Management and PM?

Most entrepreneurs and professionals understand what project management is and why it’s important, but neglect the significance of project portfolio management (PPM). Despite having a similar name and some shared responsibilities, PPM is an entirely different concept with a different set of priorities and objectives. So why is it important to distinguish between the two, and do you really need both to be successful? PM vs. PPM Let’s start by …

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SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning and SAP RealSpend – Bringing HR and Finance together

In 2015, HR and IT leaders from Boston Scientific got up on stage at SuccessConnect, SAP SuccessFactors’ annual user conference, to show how the partnership between their two organizations enabled getting maximum impact from their SuccessFactors solutions. Which got me thinking, couldn’t the same be true for HR and Finance? Think of the benefits both teams could realize should they join forces. Well now they can. SAP SuccessFactors announced a new …

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