SAP Supply Chain Performance Management

Is Your Supply Chain Living in the Past?

Are your supply chain processes paper-based? Do materials arrive from suppliers without bar-codes? Is it more than 5 years since you updated your warehouse systems? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then your supply chain may need attention! You’re certainly not alone, many industry supply chains remain fragmented, inefficient and make only limited use of technology. A supply chain with limited integration with suppliers and customers …

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Manage the Size of Your IT Footprint to Support Your Growing Supply Chain Operations

Mike Golden, co-founder and manufacturing expert at JaveLLin Solutions, was highlighted in an article in SAP Insider’s Supply Chain Showcase in the January 2014 issue.  This article briefly identifies concerns and solutions to managing a global SAP IT supply chain footprint.  Hans Thalbauer, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management at SAP leads off the article series in this months SAP Insider Supply Chain Showcase. To learn more, access the SAPInsider …

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SAP Stays the Course with New Release of SCOR11 Framework

This week I completed a preliminary review of the new release of its Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model by the Supply Chain Council (SCC).  My findings are published in the full version of online magazine.  Some highlights: The Level 2 process “Enable” which was common across all Level 1 processes is no promoted to Level 1 status.  This in effect creates a closed-loop model for the first time …

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