SAP Supply Network Collaboration

New SCM APO Newsletter

Hi everyone, I am creating this Blog post to inform that our SCM APO Newsletter has been divided into the nine SCM components. Are you a user of any of the components below? – SCM APO Demand Planning (FCS) – SCM APO Global ATP (gATP) – SCM APO Integration (CIF) – SCM APO Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) – SCM APO Supply Network Planning (SNP) – SCM APO Service …

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Cancel or Close the ASN in Supply Network Collaboration

In SAP Supply Network Collaboration you can synchronize and automate the flow of information between your company and your suppliers, such as Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs). The Advanced shipping notifications are key documents in the collaboration between suppliers and customers. A supplier uses an ASN to inform a customer that he or she has sent the customer a delivery. The ASN informs the customer which products and quantities are in …

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View price for a Scheduling Agreement Item in SNC system

You notice that there is no field on Release related screens (Details, Overview) on Supply Network Collaboration portal that shows the Price of a Scheduling Agreement Item. This is because this Agreement is based on the ERP system, and the use case in SNC is not to define the price but to let Suppliers to create Deliveries/Shipments based on the Schedule lines. But for some reasons you may want to check if …

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Notification messages not created for all profiles by Alert Engine

In Supply Network Collaboration, you have the possibility to send notification e-mails about alerts in the system, by setting up Alert Notification Profiles. The business need is to send e-mails with a specific alert type to multiple users. In this case you have defined Alert Notification Profiles on the SNC portal under Exceptions -> Alert Notification Administration. For example, you have two profiles with the same settings in the following fields: Selection …

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Digitalizing the Extended Supply Chain

The International SAP Conferences on Extended Supply Chain, the first event of its kind, will bring together SAP’s entire Extended Supply Chain solution portfolio across six events in one location. Taking place in The Hague on November 3-4, the below six conferences offer manufacturing organizations the opportunity to understand how SAP innovation is driving end-to-end visibility across the extended supply chain. Whether you are focused on supply chain, asset management, …

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How S/4HANA is changing the consulting skills

In an increasingly devaluated and underestimated profession, IT consultants are facing new challenges through entering to the new digital era, infested with tons of data on the internet, thousands of smart apps on the market, and hundreds of startups trying to fulfill or create necessities on this world, that seems getting smaller compared with the huge innovation and technology advances that have been happening over the last years. For those …

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Set Bill/Lading No as mandatory in ASN Create

This document will helpful to Set Bill/Lading No as mandatory in ASN Create. Step 1: Maintain message in Message class. Step 2: Create validation check under own settings in SPRO. → Select Maintain Properties for Validation Checks and Click on ‘New Entries’. → Fill the Message Class and Message number details. Step 3: Maintain settings in Validation Profiles. → Select Maintain Settings in Validation Profiles and Click on ‘New Entries’. …

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Create Menu and Menu Item

This document will helpful to create menu item and add custom webdynpro application to it. Step 1: Create Menu and Menu Item. Maintain the details of the Menu and Menu Item using T code : /SCF/UNAVCFG Select Application Definition Select Application ID ( In right side Application definition ) then click on Application View. Select Application View then click on Feature menu Create Menu → Click on ‘New Entries’. Menu …

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Perfect Discussion/Incident for SAP SNC

Dear Experts, After spending so many years in SAP SCM-SNC area, i decided to write this blog post. SAP SCM product is developed involving SAP ERP’s experience by SAP team. This product born due to requirements on detail level planning where gets better and better in every release. Of course there is long way to discover for most of the areas. While making implementations, we have faced several problems from …

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