SAP Text Analysis

Understanding SAP HANA Text analysis

This is a blog on some of the options that are available in text analysis. Shore descriptions with example codes.   Text Analysis is the process of analyzing unstructured text, extracting relevant information and then transforming that information into structured information that can be leveraged in different ways.   Full Text Indexing: When dealing with a small number of documents, it is possible for the full-text-search engine to directly scan …

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Integrating Twitter with SAP HANA for Text Analysis

Hi Just thought to share my learning experience on Streaming of Tweets using Java & inserting all in HANA for further Text/Token Analysis, Idea is simple and straight forward how you can leverage the capabilities/Power of inbuilt capability of text analysis of SAP HANA on some real-time information & I found twitter is better place for collecting some real-time information for understanding the text analysis in better way. So below …

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SAP HANA TA – Text Analysis

Hello, This Blog is to facilitate colleagues/knowledge workers who are interested to know about SAP HANA TA as an overview or to further enhance their existing knowledge My attempt is to only supplement and simplify on some of the existing concepts , I have tried to cover only the key topics as this is an expansive space , I have divided this blog into 2 sections Section I – Introduction of …

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