SAP Treasury and Risk Management, version for the United States

Acc./Defer.Method : Pro Rata with Linear Discounting

Regarding accrual/deferral function in treasury, there is Acc./Defer.Method named  “Pro rata temporis with linear discounting”, here is the online help: The amount is accrued/deferred on linear basis  over the calculation period and then discounted on a linear basis. This method is used for Commercial Paper, for example. System will calculate with below steps: 1) calculate interest linearly amount = flow-bzbetr * hlp_days / flow-atage. flow-bzbetr  nominal interest amt flow-atage   no. of days of the interest period hlp_days     no. of days to key date 2) hlp_float = ( flow-bzbetr – amount ) / ( 1 + ( hlp_days * flow-pkond / ( flow-abastage * 100 ) ) ). flow-bzbetr                nominal Interest amount amount                       result of step 1) hlp_days                     no. of days to key date flow-pkond                   interest rate flow-abastage             base days 3)   hlp_float = flow-bzbetr – hlp_float. amount = hlp_float.   You can find the coding in Function Module: TB_ACCR_DEFR_ACCU_FOR_FLOW.

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