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Smart Metering for Electric utilities

Preface:  This blog provides a good understanding of the smart metering along with its advantages to customers and utility companies. Utility companies in any nation have a tremendous responsibility to serve people with uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas and water. It’s very easy for us to put on the lights just by pressing a switch or cook on the electric stove just by turning the knob or adjust heating / …

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A Pocket Guide to Print Work Bench Step by Step

What is Print Workbench? Print Workbench is a tool used as Basic or Central development environment for creating standardized outgoing correspondence, and is used for printing/RDI-outbound purpose in IS-Utilities. We find this as a very efficient and improved way of communication through correspondence from the perspective of easy data retrieval and understanding.   Advantages of Print Workbench Separated and independent data retrieval procedure from layout design with dynamic print programs. …

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Topic List for CEI Cycle #3

SAP’s Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) offers a range of projects where SAP development looks to engage with customers to influence future solutions. Project activities can include discussing innovative ideas and concepts, specifying future functions and features, and defining new business and integration processes.   This is a great opportunity to; Gain early insight into SAP product plans Help shape future SAP developments in your areas of interest Closely collaborate with …

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