SAP Web IDE, hybrid app toolkit add-on

End of Maintenance for Hybrid App Toolkit local add-on

My name is Ludo Noens and I am the Product Owner for Hybrid Application Toolkit. I have been working on this tool since we started on this journey 4 years ago. Prior to working on this tool, I have been developing hybrid apps for mobile payments and mobile banking. During that time, I was always looking for tools that could help me build my apps and prototypes faster. I eventually …

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 SAP Hybrid App and Xcode 9 issue

Hi Guys, Last time Apple make some changes in their policy so you will probably have some issues while building HAT on macOs. First of all you will need a Apple ID. For now it is not possible to obtain this from the website, but you can take it from your Xcode files: Build a simple Xcode Hello World App, in General please fill Bundle Identifier to your uncial string …

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Deprecation of Dedicated Kapsel Templates for SAP Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit

Updated on Sept 13, 2017: Added clarity on what templates to use in place of Kapsel templates. Kapsel templates are the ones which include Kapsel plugins inbuilt to create Cordova based applications capable of interacting with SAP Mobile Platform or SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services for Development and Operations. Kapsel templates provides enterprise capabilities to the Cordova applications to gain access to the mobile hardware features. For most of the …

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Creating Offline Application based on SAP Web IDE CRUD Master-Detail Template using Hybrid App Toolkit

Introduction In this blog, I am going to walk through the steps of creating an offline application based on CRUD Master-Detail template from SAP Web IDE using Hybrid App Toolkit To follow the steps mentioned in this blog post, the following prerequisites needs to be met You need a valid account on the  cloud platform and enabled the following services in Cloud Platform cockpit. You need to install Hybrid …

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Easily add Push Notifications to your mobilised Fiori app with Fiori Mobile DevX

Hybrid Application Toolkit 1703 On 30 March we have released a new version of Hybrid Application Toolkit (HAT), as part of the Fiori Mobile Developer Experience. If you want to know more about how HAT fits into Fiori Mobile DevX, take a look at Britt’s blog post. With the 1703 release comes the ability to add Push Notifications to Fiori mobile apps. We have added a step in the build wizard that …

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Hybrid App Cloud Build: Walkthrough + Findings

Introduction Last oktober SAP announced that the Hybrid App Toolkit (HAT) was incorporated in the Fiori Mobile Service in SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP): Starting with the October release (on or about October 9th), things start to get interesting, with the incorporation of the Hybrid Application Toolkit into the Fiori mobile service.  But it’s way more than that.  With the October release SAP will integrate Fiori mobile experience into Web …

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SAP WebIDE: Timeout errors if you deploy to ABAP repository?

Hello, I want to share two issues I had deploying a SAPUI5 application to a ABAP repository with SAP WebIDE. 1. Deploy images timeout error. If you have something similar to the following screenshot and it appeas while you deploy an image, the problem could be that the ABAP repository doesn’t have enouth resources to create the mime object on 30 seconds ( default timeout ). So the solution for …

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Hybrid App Toolkit (HAT) companion app is available now!

Hello Developers, As mentioned by John Wargo in his blog We hope to simplify this process in a future release by enhancing the Companion app with the Kapsel Barcode Scanner plugin. With this in place, a developer will be able to populate the web application URL in the Companion App using the QR code capabilities already included in Web IDE. The Companion App contains all of the Cordova core and …

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SAP Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit Add-on Now Available for Productive Use

The SAP Web IDE Team just released an update to the SAP Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit (HAT) Add-on. Wow, this cloud stuff moves pretty quickly. Just last week I announced that we released HAT and now there’s already an update.   In the initial release, HAT was only available in the Web IDE Trial environment. With this release, the HAT capabilities are now available in the production Web IDE …

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