SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by ClickSoftware

When does a License become Invalid?

A license can be applied on any of the servers included in the license request that has administrator privileges. This license will then apply to all the servers that were connected at the time of the request. The administrator should have privileges to request and apply licenses for all the servers in the farm. There are two aspects to a Service Optimization license: Resources: The number of resources, such as …

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What version of SO server, Client and Database are you on?

How to check the version of the Service Optimization server installed, the SO Database version and the Client version   To check the version of theService Optimization Server, please follow these steps: – Open the server’s Registry Editor (Run>regedit) – Follow path: -> HKey_Local_Machine -> Software -> Clicksoftware -> Service Optimization – It would be the last listed version   To check the version of the ClickSchedule Client Version, please …

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Information on Yearly Calendars Intervals

1. How much memory does a yearly interval consume? Follow wiki # 597 on Monitoring server start-up to get information on cached collections. It is possible to measure the amount of memory taken by the calendars collection and calculate how much memory your yearly intervals consume.   2. How many yearly intervals can be created per calendar? The maximum number of  yearly interval depends on the database limitation. The table …

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A patch for SAP WS&O BY CLICKSOFTWARE 2.3 is available

The latest patch for Clickschedule 2.3 is available from SAP Support portal. It can be downloaded from the following link: -> Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group -> SAP Solution Extensions by Partners -> SAP WS&O BY CLICKSOFTWARE -> SAP WS&O BY CLICKSOFTWARE 2.3 In case of any issues or questions please open a support incident under XX-PART-CLK via

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Oracle client for SAP WS&O by Clicksoftware

According to the documentation Oracle full client is required for SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by Clicksoftware but SAP only provides the Oracle instant clients. If a customer wants to run SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by Clicksoftware on the Oracle database they licensed through SAP, the SAP delivered Oracle instant client is already sufficient for the run-time environment. The Oracle full client is only needed to create Oracle sql*net …

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