SCM APO Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)

Co-products Planning in PPDS

Premise: Many industries have co-products, main products & also have the need to be able to Plan the demand for the co-products, in addition to planning the main product. Also, there wasn’t a blog, to my surprise, that addressed this scenario. Goal: This blog attempts to demo std SAP’ Co-product Heuristics & how it helps in planning demand at the co-products level Scenario: Many industries, especially those in the bio-therapies …

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APO PPDS, using DS scheduling log

Detailed scheduling log is a good tool for PPDS consultants and developers to understand how liveCache work when it performs detailed scheduling tasks. The easiest way to use scheduling log is to turn on the log in DS planning board with command SLON1 or SLON2 Then you perform DS tasks (for example: drag & drop), the system will display the schedule log before showing the DS result (or display the …

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Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling as a part of S/4HANA 1610 – What’s new ?

One of the key innovations in SAP S/4HANA 1610 is that it’s capable of Plan to produce in one system. PP/DS functionality used to be a part of the SAP APO product but now it can be accessed as an embedded feature on SAP S/4HANA as of release 1610 under manufacturing planning functionalities. I will make an attempt to learn what is being offered & how it can be of …

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SCM APO Newsletter

Hi everyone, I am Lucas Bozio and I work for the SCM APO team, specifically with Supply Network Collaboration component. I would like to present the recently created SCM APO Newsletter, which will provide you the BEST support with a friendly and easy approach. Now you might be asking yourself, what is the purpose of creating a newsletter for SCM APO? Well, I will tell you then… Every month you …

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(Proactive Notification) implement note 2238748 before upgrade to SCM 7.13!

Recently, I’ve seen cases in which all operations are deleted from database table /SAPAPO/OPR in scenarios below:   1) Upon upgrade to SCM 7.13 2) Upon executing report /SAPAPO/DMOPR_REORG_CTP   To prevent this, note below should be applied to the system before the upgrade:   2238748 Transaciton /sapapo/om17 results in incorrect operation inconsistencies

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sample code: filtering location-products with PP/DS Horizon = 0 from the planning run

In standard, when running a Product Heuristic like SAP_PP_002, shortages inside the PP/DS Horizon are planned even if the PP/DS Horizon is set to 0 days.   I’ve come across a few customers who would prefer to have the Location-Product filtered out from the heuristic execution and/or planning run in this scenario, therefore I created a sample code to be used in BAdI /SAPAPO/RRP_HEUR_DO, Method BEFORE.   While this is …

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(Proactive Notification) Using PPMs on a recent release / SP? Don’t miss note 2149211!

In short: recently, a correction note was created to improve performance of PPM explosion when orders are created in PP/DS. Due to a side effect of this note, some errors may occur:   Upon running the Product Heuristic, operation descriptions are missing for new orders Upon running the Product Heuristic, message “Order not created for product” is raised Upon trying to convert multiple SNP PlOrd to PP/DS PlOrd, error message …

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PP/DS – Search Terms for effective SAP Note and KBA Search

This document aims to provide a list of effective keywords to be used in the SAP Note and KBA Search at the Service Marketplace, in order to make it easier and faster to find the solution. The list will be broken down by subcomponents. Some subcomponents may be broken down into more specific topics. While the xSearch can look for documentation in many knowledge repositories, the SAP Note and KBA …

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(Proactive notification) wrong function code executed through context menu at the DSPB in SAP GUI 730 – Patch Level 10

You are in SAP GUI 730 Patch Level 10. You use the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board in APO. You have maintained custom Context Menu entries in the customizing for the Planning Board Profile (transaction /SAPAPO/CDPSC2).   In this scenario, it is possible that, when you right click an object (like an Activity/Operation) in a chart (like the Resources Chart) and choose an option from the Context Menu, the wrong function …

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