SCM BCS Business Consolidation

Extraction of 0SEM_BCS_10 (Preparation for Consolidation: Transfer of Data to SEM-BCS) into CSV File

Hi Friends, This is my first blog, so, I thought of writing about one of the requirement I received from my customer to get extract of a consolidation datasource 0SEM_BCS_10 in a CSV file with the same format as it shows in BW. As they didn’t want to use BW anymore for viewing that data and just wanted data in a excel, so, came up with a solution that I …

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SAP SEM-BCS vs BFC and BPC – Focus on consolidation

The SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation System) application is considered as one of the most structured   and mature solutions, offering a high level of automation for the consolidation process. From its first release in 2002 (for the BW-based version), it has benefited from the major enhancements and will still be supported until 2025 (at least). However, the new SAP BusinessObjects consolidation solutions should now be BFC and BPC. These products were acquired …

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SEM BCS – SAP Knowledge base Articles

Hi Team The purpose of the document is to share the information if anyone facing issues/errors on the below topics/areas.  Please find the information and solution. 1797459 – Permanent parameters not defined for UCBATCH01 or UCBATCH11 Symptom During the execution of report UCBATCH01 or UCBATCH11 (task execution in the background) the error message UCS0038 appears: “Permanent parameters not defined”. Cause Report UCBATCH01 and UCBATCH11 were slightly extended due to other …

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SEM BCS Road Map EhP Overview

Hi Team Please find below list of features available in each SEM BCS EhP which helpful to all of us. If any body already using these below features or funtionlity, share information which helps a lot. SEM BCS Road Map EhP Overview: Enhancements for SEM-BCS – Enhancement Package 2 -(SEM-BCS 6.02) General / Infrastructure:–  Time depend attributes for cons unit combinations–  Open Periods explicitly–  Run cons method in update run–  …

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Manual Synchronization of Master Data Hierarchies in SEM Consolidation

Overview The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a step by step solution that will help to understand the mechanism involved in manual synchronization of info object hierarchy between SAP BW & SEM BCS. The entire set of activities involved is performed on the SAP BW system. Business Scenario: Different Applications, which use the Financials Basis Services, store the master data (specifically hierarchy) they require in application-specific, local tables …

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Lessons Learnt: Technical Restrictions in SEM-BCS in a Very Large Implementation Project

There are three SAP applications dedicated to financial consolidation. SEM-BCS still has the richest and deepest functionality which is still developed and delivered in Enhancement Packages. However, it is positioned more as application for the biggest companies. And there are not many left which have no consolidation application. I want to tell you about one of the last very big SEM-BCS projects.  I do not afraid to call this project …

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a new wiki page about coi

Hi All, for what it’s worth i have created a wiki page that attempts to describe a minimum configuration for the consolidation of investments: feel free to comment here or in the wiki. i believe you can also update the document directly if it can help the rest of us. thanks, greg

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this may not come as a surprise to anyone, but SAP has decided to suspend P_SEMBCS_60 last month. there are still classes offered like SEM240, but with no official verification of the class material i’m not sure if that would help generating more education revenue for the company. i, for one, am a little surprised especially after seeing quite a few enhancement packs in this area, all six nicely wrapped …

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There are three notes that reference each other with regards to BCS functionality on HANA: 1600929, 1648413, and 1531022. If I read them correctly, SEM-BCS 6.34 on SAP HANA (currently in revision 25) has been in “productive usage” since November 16, 2011. P.S. I’m posting this also to test functionality of “Document” on SCN, so feel free to add your own opinion.

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