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Understanding the Java Instance ID issue

A few years ago, fellow colleague Alessandro Parolin wrote a great article in the then SCN, explaining the so called Java Instance ID issue. Years have passed since then and so this article should get an update too. In accordance with Alessandro and the moderators, I will present a new version of it. Let’s begin! Remember, this is about SAP NetWeaver 7.0 based SAP systems (Application Server for Java and …

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Why SWPM does create orasid user for Oracle ASM and/or Oracle 12c?

Have you tried installing a system based on SAP NetWeaver on Oracle ASM and/or Oracle 12c? Have you noticed that SWPM asks to create orasid user during the database instance installation? Should orasid user be created?   I have seen some questions related to that very often. The answer for that is: Yes, orasid still must be installed on your system.   I know, I know, oracle user is the …

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