SOLMAN Setup/Configuration/LMDB

How to configure Solution Manager 7.2 SPS05 for LMDB upload (VAR)

In this blog post, I will explain the steps needed for updating system data in Support Portal using the Support Hub user. If you’re managing different customers, additional things have to be configured. It took a lot of research and debugging… For further details, you can refer to Create Support Hub S user as described in SOLMAN_SETUP. Configure Solution Manager: SOLMAN_SETUP has to be green. Copy RFC Select created …

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Managed system Configuration (For SAP HANA, ABAP and Java systems) in Solution Manager 7.2 SP05

Hi, This blog explains about How to setup Managed system configuration for SAP Hana database, ABAP and Java systems in Solution Manager 7.2 SP05 SAP HANA database managed system setup SAP ABAP System Managed system setup SAP Java system Managed system setup 1. SAP HANA database managed system setup a. Install Diagnostic Agent (DAA) and Host agent 1858920 – Diagnostics Agent installation with SWPM b. Register DAA and SAP HANA …

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Solution Manager 7.2 SP05 (Up-to-date) installation and Configuration on SAP HANA Database (MCOS) on Distributed environment

Hello All, Would like to share my experience about the installation and configuration of Solution Manager 7.2 on SAP HANA SP12 ( MCOS) As we all know, Solution Manager 7.2 is now based on Netweaver 7.4 and is no longer a Dual-Stack system.The split of functionalities between the ABAP and Java in 7.2 seems to be similar to 7.1, so the Java Stack mainly handles the communications with the various …

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Service Availability Management – Reporting

In the last blog we talked about outages. Here we will discuss on how the outages can be processed.   Outages can have statuses like:   New – indicates newly created outages In Process – being worked up on by an IT employee who is enriching or adjusting the outage details To be reviewed – once the data is enriched, data is verified before it is confirmed Confirmed – these …

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Notes from Solman 7.2 SP4 installation

Intro SAP released recently SP4 for Solution Manager 7.2, which is mainly a Corrective SP. This seems like a good enough release to try Solman (never go to the first SP with Solman..). Going straight to SP4 saves a lot of time as it contains all the latests OSS Notes, so less notes to apply manually. Note that 7.2 SP4 is also the first release for the VAR scenarios (for …

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BSP error (CX_FQDN) in Solman

While working on Solman7.2 configuration, I faced an error exception CX_FQDN with Business Server Page (BSP), as it was looking for fully qualified hostname URL. Tcodes like solman_setup or solman_workcenter were routing to URL with FQHN, but while using tcode sm_crm, it was going to URL without FQHN. Error screenshot : Analysis and Solution Check for below parameters at SAP and OS level, if any of it has not set …

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