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SAP Customizing Documentation Generation Tool

In this Blog, I would like to share with you the easy way to generate a documentation file based on customizing transport request. Quite often customers request documentation of the entire customization effort made during the implementation and especially the PoC projects. Not talking about how useful it is but nevertheless, the document is a part of the contract and must be delivered. Not sure how many times you faced …

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Solution Manager 7.2 – How to use Digital Signature in Solution Documentation to meet regulatory requirements

You like Solution Manager? You love innovative solutions? If you are in the Pharmaceutical or Food-processing industry, you probably had to comply to stricter and stricter regulations over the last decades. The documentation, in particular, is subject to many rules regarding the approval of their processes, and the Digital Signature (DS) feature in Solution Documentation is generally a good answer to some of these rules. The Digital Signature is not new, …

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Solution Manager 7.2 – How to build up your documentation faster than light (for ERP ECC 6.0, HCM, etc.)

Let’s say you have implemented Solution Documentation 7.2, and you really like it. Now is the time to start documenting your Solution, but building it up from scratch is difficult and time-consuming. Besides you never know how “good” your processes are compared to your industry. You can generate executables and custom objects automatically in your Libraries, but the Reverse Business Process Documentation capability is gone. There is no way to do it in the …

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SAP SolMan 7.2 Insights… How to download SAP Best Practices Package (SAP BPP) for ALM processes

SAP SolMan 7.2 Insights… If you are a customer who currently upgraded to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and exploring Process Management (Solution Documentation) area of SolMan to document SAP ALM processes, then here is something to consider. Instead of starting from scratch, you can download SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Best Practices Package with already documented SAP ALM process definitions, process diagrams, process steps, executables, and so much more. Prerequisites Solution …

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