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Prepare your Linux for your SAP solution with saptune

First of all for what do you need the tool saptune? automatically tuning your system without reading tons of SAP notes ensures that all your SAP systems configured identically with a central solution create your own customized profiles Why you have to configure all this parameters? ensure system performance for your SAP solution like HANA run a stable system ensure SAP support for certified solution like HANA SLES for SAP …

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7.50/7.51 Trial: Make Your GNOME-Desktop more comfortable

How to make GnomeDesktop more comfortable   Those who have chosen GNOME-Desktop for their 7.50/7.51 Trial will normal have a minimalistic Desktop. No informations about open Windows exists and no possibility to click on Window-Button to Minmize it. And You have to click on Activities to choose any program. But it is possible to configure this desktop, so that it will look like more the common Windows or KDE-Desktop.   …

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SAP at SUSECON (25–29 September 2017, Prague)

In today’s business environment, organizations worldwide are striving to become digital businesses. SUSECON 2017 is a great opportunity to learn how the open source approach helps companies in all industries to transform their IT infrastructure, create more agile business processes, and enable growth and innovation. SAP is proud to be a Cornerstone Sponsor at SUSECON 2017 because SAP shares a similar commitment and focus. This year, SAP will be exhibiting …

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AIX to Linux Step 3 – DNS, AD and secure file transfers

After time off in early Fall, November filled up with project meetings and task lists. We’re working with offsite server image farms, and the first order of business after getting network routing up was connecting the application servers to our Active Directory for the resemblance of single sign on. Some basic driver code, some salt and pepper, and viola, network names resolve and I can use my well known account. …

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From bash to regexp, step 2 AIX to Linux

Last month, I posted concerning preparing to move shell scripts from one OS to another.  As the SAP Community site was newly migrated, it was a bit of a rush. The primary tag was not optimal, as Linux showed up as Oracle Linux, not Suse or RedHat,  The tag soup seems a bit more seasoned now, though that’s a topic for a rant, not this space. Before returning to …

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Eye-opening exchange @ SAP TechEd at SAP TechEd / Las Vegas Despite the oddly low ceiling in the exhibits hall this year, SAP TechEd rose to new heights for this attendee & sponsor. The range of topics covered by the presenters, from HANA implementation strategies and success stories to product roadmaps to tools for developers was extensive and impressive.  And apparently some of SAP’s new tools were left in the bag as Oracle OpenWorld …

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