UI Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP

Simple FPM message / confirmation box

For a simple message or confirmation box in an FPM application (akin to e.g. MessageBox in UI5), the needs confirmation mechanism of the framework provides a simple option. Next best I know of, would be to implement a full blown Dialog Box, there are nice community blogs for that. This FPM mechanism is described in the docs: FPM Basics > FPM Event Loop > Triggering a Data-Loss Dialog Box in the …

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** TEAM FPM ** – The new VizFrame UIBB

As announced in the SAP Help Portal we offer with NW SAP_UI 752 a new Generic UI Building Block for displaying charts that is based on the SAPUI5 control sap.viz.ui5.control.vizframe. This control offers 41 different chart types with a variety of different settings, see the corresponding Chart Properties Reference. The new VizFrame UIBB is being exposed with Web Dynpro component FPM_VIZFRAME_UIBB. As an application developer you can rely on the same ABAP APIs  …

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** TEAM FPM ** – The FPM Event Phase Model – easy going or already lost? ;-)

Hello everybody, also on SAP side it is sometimes the case that development systems are down – so my idea came up to write a short blog post about the FPM phase model to make it easier to understand. If you are just interested in FAQ’s you will find them on the very bottom of this blog post. When reading through our FPM developer’s guide, you will also be introduced …

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** TEAM FPM ** – Mind the Gap!

Mind the gap! Ouch!!! Your FPM application suddenly ended with a dump or an unexpected behaviour. If you have fallen into this trap, probably one of the following quick and easy rescue measures could help or bring you at least one step forward.   Issue: FPM application cannot be started. It gives an error message with error code 403. See the screenshot below. The root cause of this scenario is …

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How to Create, Enhance, and Adapt Floorplan Manager Applications on SAP NetWeaver 7.52

In this blog I would like to draw your attention to a new version of the Floorplan Manager Adaptation Guide, which is valid for SAP NetWeaver SAP_UI 7.52. In this guide, you will get an overview of the different possibilities that Floorplan Manager provides for customer adaptations and discusses their advantages and drawbacks. There are five main ways to adapt a Floorplan Manager application: SAP Screen Personas Customizing Deep-Copy Enhancement Context-Based …

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How to create FPM Tree UIBB – Detailed steps with screenshots

Creating Tree UIBB in FPM application and displaying hierarchical records.   Scenario: This document explains the step by step procedure to create Tree UIBB and display employee to manager relationship in tree or hierarchical form. Final expected output:-   Prerequisite: Knowledge on Object Oriented ABAP and ABAP WebDynpro. Step by step Procedure: there are three development. 1. Creating Z table 2. Creating Z feeder class 3. Creating FPM WD application …

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Hide the entire UIBB dynamically in standard OVP FPM using exit.

This is a very short blog on how to hide entire UIBB (Not just fields) in standard OVP FPM. Please follow the below steps to achieve the same: 1) Go to the main floor plan page. 2) Right click on the Heading of any Collapsible Panel and select ‘Technical Help…’. 3) Click link named as ‘Component Configuration’. 4) Follow the following path: General Settings–>Floorplan Settings–>Application Controller Settings. 5) A pop …

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Simple tutorial how to use Quickviews in FPM

In this tutorial I will show one simple and short way how to use quickviews in FPM. In this example we want to see the name of the corresponding health insurance for its operation number in a list guibb. 1. Feeder Class First of all we implement a corresponding feeder class which implements the interface if_fpm_guibb_qv_thing. In the public section we define a global private variable for the text. DATA: BEGIN …

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Getting Started with the Floorplan Manager

In this tutorial i explain how to simply create your first application with the Floorplan Manager(FPM) based on web dynpro ABAP. We create a simple selection and show the results in a list UIBB. For the data exchange between the two GUIBBs we use eventing. The data come from the well known sflight table.   1. Create empty application Open tool for creating FPM-applications (SE80 -> Web Dynpro[right click] -> Create -> FPM-application) …

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