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Highlight of 2018! Announced today. View it as a kind of Xmas present.

SAP Business Client 6.5, PL5 – Released end of January 2018. Not only a patch – it’s an innovation! Log On With Chromium! SAP Business Client development team implemented a Chromium control based on CefSharp. Taking advantage of the same performance and HTML5 technologies available as in the Google Chrome Web browser (CEF – Open Source Version of Google Chrome) The Beta-Test phase is over! Testing was very successful. Thanks to our …

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Figure 1: Client Options for S/4HANA Why SAP Business Client? For new customers, or for SAP GUI customers who want to improve user experience, and provide a single entry point to different SAP business applications and technologies –  here are the main arguments for implementing Business Client 6.5: Use SAP BC on S/4HANA on-premise to use SAP Fiori apps and classic applications. This includes SAP GUI for Windows transactions with …

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Help Wanted: Testing the new Chromium Browser Control (BETA) in SAP BC 6.5

Hi all, Ever since Microsoft decided to stop the development of Internet Explorer and built a complete new browser from scratch (Edge), we have been looking at an alternative browser control that can be hosted in SAP Business Client to become more independent from MS Internet Explorer. The alternative to a MS control – hosting a Chrome control – is now more feasible than ever before, because the whole browser is …

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SAP Business Client 6.5: Released!

SAP Business Client 6.5 What’s New: Visual theme SAP Belize SAP Business Client 6.5 runs in the new visual theme, SAP Belize*, providing visual integration with the next generation of SAP Fiori launchpad and SAP Fiori visual theme for classic applications such as Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager, and SAP GUI for Windows.   See also our documentation (SAP Business Client 6.5): Specifying a Theme for Shell and …

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Maps Side Panel for SAP Business Client with Openstreetmap and SAPUI5 Geo Map

I have started to build a Side Panel for the SAP Business Client with SAPUI5 and integrated Google Maps for myself and for Testing these Technologies interact. I placed this Sidepanel within Transaction BP to visualize the adresses of business partners. Already there I found out that there was no real tutorial how to do that. But with Google Maps it was pretty easy. So the Google Maps Side Panel worked and …

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SAP Business Client 6.5 – Getting Closer!

The latest version of SAP Business Client will be released soon together with SAP GUI for Windows 7.50*. *Belize theme only fully supported when connected to S/4HANA on-premise 1610 What’s coming? SAP Business Client supports SAP Belize theme! Visual integration with the next generation of SAP Fiori launchpad** and SAP Fiori visual theme for classic applications (SAP Belize) for SAP S/4HANA on-premise 1610. That is: A homogenous UI – Almost …

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SAP Business Client and SAP Fiori UX integration (Fiori launchpad 2.0)

Updated: October 2017 SAP Fiori 2.0 is available for S/4HANA 1610 including the new visual theme, Belize. With the next version of SAP Business Client (6.5, planned released in Q2/2017+SAP GUI for Windows 7.50) the new theme will be supported. See: SAP Business Client 6.5: Released! Integrating the latest version of the Fiori launchpad into SAP Business Client with the launchpad connection type, you can add a lot more than only the …

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SAP Business Client at Teched Barcelona 2016

Hi everyone, Woo – first ever blog in the new format! Yes it’s that time of year agai, and we are offering a lecture and a networking session. I will not personally be in Barcelona this year, so it will be in the capable hands of my colleague Sandra Thimme. UX124 – Update on SAP Business Client and SAP GUI family, Tues 11:00 – 13:00 This year we have teamed up …

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SAP BC Overview Slide Deck

This is the brand new Overview slide deck, completely overhauled for SAP BC 6.0. I have moved the new features of NWBC 5.0 to an appendix and added lots of new content, including: – Integrating SAP Fiori Apps in NWBC 5.0 and SAP BC 6.0 – Integrating SAP Fiori Launchpad in SAP BC 6.0 – Support for SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition in SAP BC The public URL for the download …

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